Dr. Rachel Lemonik is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides warm and compassionate therapy for children and adults in Pleasantville, NY and surrounding towns in Westchester County.

She offers individual and family therapy, as well as parenting support, psychoeducational testing, and school consultation. Dr. Lemonik specializes in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. She works with clients to increase insight, reduce distress, and encourage healthy relationships with others and oneself.  

Dr. Lemonik takes an active role in guiding treatment and believes that the foundation of therapy is finding someone you can open up to and feel supported by. She strives to create a safe and nonjudgmental therapeutic environment where she and clients work together to reduce distress and develop plans that will create positive changes.

Dr. Lemonik offers therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Her treatment approach is broad-based and includes cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy (CBT/DBT), mindfulness practice, psychodynamic and supportive psychotherapy, and behavior management techniques to promote emotional health and wellbeing. She believes in the importance of connecting with clients through genuine passion, empathy, and a sense of humor.


Adults often seek therapy following large life changes (e.g. the birth of a new child, a death in the family, the end to a relationship, a new job) or as the result of the slow building of stress or discontent. Therapy can help you explore and improve your emotional, behavioral, and relationship functioning by helping to identify ways to handle feelings and improve relationships with others. Therapy can also help you increase awareness of patterns that you may engage in (though often not purposefully) that lead to distress. In addition, treatment may focus on improving coping skills in order to develop a life that feels full and worth living.


In the prenatal and postpartum period, new parents often seek therapy for support around managing the myriad challenges of new parenthood, including the intense emotional and physical tolls of pregnancy and parenthood, difficulties with boundary setting and self-care, feelings of disconnect between partners, managing "mom guilt," and perinatal mood disorders (PMADs) including postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety (PPA).

Children often begin therapy after struggling with overwhelming feelings or displaying difficult behaviors at home or school. Children and adolescents often struggle to recognize emotions and control behavior, leading to a disconnect between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This manifests in children through anxiety, depression, anger, poor academic performance, social withdrawal, explosive tantrums, acting out, and problems concentrating, focusing, and socializing. Stress and high expectations also impact the emotional life of children. As a child psychologist, Dr. Lemonik helps children develop skills that allow them to control their behavior, develop self-confidence, and deal with strong emotions.


Family involvement is very important to the treatment process. It may consist of working with the parents to oversee their child's treatment or more in-depth involvement in the form of family therapy, parenting consultation, behavior management skills, or other family based interventions. Dr. Lemonik also collaborates with pediatricians, teachers, and other important figures in your child’s life.​



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351 Manville Road, Suite 104

Pleasantville, NY 10570

Tel 914-488-4343

Email dr.lemonik@gmail.com

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